Mawdsley Lake Lodge is located in Saskatchewan Canada in the wilderness of the Northern Management Zone, long renowned for its fine Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and White Fish fishing.

Located at 56°47’N 106°07’W, the Lodge is accessible via road, then by boat. An eight-hour drive north of Saskatoon’s International Airport gets you to the dock (KM 159 on Road #914) where Lodge staff transfer you to the main Lodge by boat.  Edmonton International Airport is also an alternative.  Fly-in quality fishing at drive-in prices!

Up to ten fishermen per group enjoy four moderate sized, glacier-formed lakes (Hobson, Mawdsley, East Mawdsley and Haresign) covering 32 km (20 miles) of intricate bays, islands and open water. Arctic Grayling inhabit the Haultain River.

In 2002, the Lakes were designated as CR2 “Catch and Release” thereby enhancing the superior quality fishing. For details on regulations please see this website.

Note: Fish shown in photographs, caught in 2002 and after, were returned live to the water. Most fish caught and photographed prior to 2002 were also returned live to be caught another time!